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OptiXLR95-TXL is a high reflectance textured, diffuse white material. This material is ideal when a smooth and uniform beam must be achieved. The material is so diffuse it will maintain high levels of reflectance over increasing incidence angles.

OptiXLR95-TXL can used as an LED mixing chamber, where the goals are to mix the colors from the LED sources creating a white light that blends the images of individual LEDs.

OptiXLR95-TXL would be applicable for design goals where the entire space needs to be lit. In a class room where you want to not only light the desks but also the entire walls, using the textured diffuse white material can help add illuminance levels at the top of the walls, brightening the entire space.

OptiXLR95-TXL high reflectance values across the incidence angles results in an improved efficiency out of the luminaire. As the light reflects multiple times within a luminaire, the intensity is not diminished due to the high reflectance. The result is a diffuse pattern of light leaving the luminaire with a high optical efficiency.

Beam Spread

Beam Spread TXL


Beam Spread LG


Beam Spread HG




As with all Tri Luma Coat lighting products you can find specific product data in LTI Optic’s Photopy Library.

When using the Photopy Library to look up the specific OptiXLR products please use the following codes:

95% minimum TR with extra high gloss: OptiXLR95-HG
95% minimum TR with extra low gloss: OptiXLR95-LG
95% minimum TR with textured low gloss: OptiXLR95-TXL
96% minimum TR with extra low gloss: OptiXLR96-LG