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Tri LUMA COAT USA is proud to announce their OptiXLR95 series for coated aluminum reflector materials.
The LG and TXL materials have been specifically developed for the LED lighting market.


Has a 95% min. total reflectance smooth surface. The gloss has a minimum of 95%. It has the higest gloss level for any white coated or laminated reflector product.

OptiXLR95–HG »


Has a 95% min. total reflectance smooth surface. The gloss has range between 5 and 7. This is a great product for any LED application.

OptiXLR95–LG »


This textured surface has a total reflectance of 95% minimum. The gloss Level has the lowest gloss level of the OptiXLR products with a range of 3 to 5.

OptiXLR95–TXL »

Product OptiXLR95 - HG OptiXLR95 - LG OptiXLR95 - TXL
Discription High Gloss Smooth Surface Low Gloss Smooth Surface Low Gloss Textured Surface
TR % 95% Min. 95% Min. 95% Min.
Gloss % 95% Min. 5% - 7% 3% - 5%
Gauge Range * Minimum .014" .014" .018"
Maximum .045" .045" .045"
Max Width ** 53.500" 53.500" 53.500"
Coil I.D. 20.00" 20.00" 20.00"
Coil Max. O.D. 49.500" 49.500" 49.500"
Coil Wt. lbs. Minimum 6000 6000 6000
Maximum 8500 8500 8500
With PVC Film Yes Yes Yes
Without PVC Film Yes Yes Yes
Mark Resistant Yes Yes Yes
* Gauge After Paint
** Width before edge trim

OptiXLR series can be cleaned with standard dish soap.
OptiXLR series will reduce marking during fabrication.
OptiXLR series can be produced with or without protective film..
OptiXLR series can be roll formed.
OptiXLR series can be cut with a water-jet.
OptiXLR series can be sheared, punched, slit and blanked.

Detailed technical data and samples are available upon request.