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OptiXLR95-HG is a high gloss, high reflectance, white material. This is ideal for applications where you need more beam control but require some diffusion to maintain a clean beam that is striation and artifact free.

OptiXLR95-HG would be well suited for a high bay aisle application. A reflector aimed downwards will achieve your floor illuminance levels while scattering the light at high angles to evenly light products stacked on both sides of the aisle.

OptiXLR95-HG would also be applicable for the beam control of the upper portion of a suspended direct / indirect luminaire. Typically these fixtures are suspended 12 to 18” from the ceiling. In order to wash the ceiling you will need to have tighter beam control, throwing the light away from the fixture and across the ceiling plane. Using OptiXLR95- HG will give the desired beam control while adding a small level of diffusion to help remove any striations that would be very visible on the ceiling.

Beam Spread

Beam Spread HG


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As with all Tri Luma Coat lighting products you can find specific product data in LTI Optic’s Photopy Library.

When using the Photopy Library to look up the specific OptiXLR products please use the following codes:

95% minimum TR with extra high gloss: OptiXLR95-HG
95% minimum TR with extra low gloss: OptiXLR95-LG
95% minimum TR with textured low gloss: OptiXLR95-TXL
96% minimum TR with extra low gloss: OptiXLR96-LG