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Tri Luma Coat is a specialty paint and coating company that is dedicated to developing and selling advanced coatings for the Lighting and Architectural markets.


Triple Coat Technology

As our name implies, Tri Luma Coat has the ability to apply multiple coats over a variety of aluminum substrates in one pass. Our proprietary processes give us the ability to create coated surfaces that are smoother and optically more consistent than traditional roll coated or laminated film products. These qualities are extremely important to the lighting manufacturers who are designing the next generation of LED luminaries in an effort to reduce energy consumption yet maintain appropriate light levels. All of our products exceed 95% total reflectance. ( See the OptiXLR series for details )

The TRILUMACOAT Advantage video

High quality white optical grade reflector materials require state of the art equipment, dedicated employees and a continual desire to improve. These are the principles by which our company was founded on and the mission we pursue daily. ( 1min. 25 seconds )

Tri Luma Coat has taken the same coating technologies that we apply in our white optical coatings and applied them to our architectural coatings. This gives the architects and designers the opportunity to evenly distribute light on ceilings, walls and columns with a variety of surface textures and contrast. Where typical white ceiling and wall coatings achieve high 80’s to low 90’s in total reflectance you can expect 94 to 96% minimum total reflectance and gloss levels that range from 3 to 7% depending on the coating surfaces. This helps eliminate hot spots while maintaining optimum light levels.

All of our coatings are easily cleaned with soap and water. Many of the surfaces come with superior mark resistance. This is critical during the fabrication, assembly and installation processes for all manufacturers.

All Tri Luma Coat aluminum products will not chip peel or delaminate like many of the white laminated products on the market.