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Triple coat technology allows the advanced high reflectance coatings to adhere directly to the aluminum substrate.

Coated Ligting Coil

OptiXLR Series
Coated Lighting Materials

TRI LUMA COAT produces three different optical grade white reflector coatings for the lighting industry.

All of the coatings are applied to a high quality aluminum substrate. Each of the coatings has their own unique surface finish developed for different lighting applications.

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Architectural Lighting

White Coated Architectural Aluminum

TRI LUMA COAT has taken their proprietary triple coat technology and applied it to their white architectural coated aluminum products.

This coating can work in conjunction with new LED lighting applications. The same optical grade production processes are applied to this coating as our lighting products.

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aluminum composite panels coating

CompLite Series
High Reflectance Aluminum Composite Panels

TRI LUMA COAT has taken their optical grade white coatings and incorporated them into their aluminum composite panels.

This has created a light weight, extremely strong material that can be processed with most standard fabricating equipment.

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